Chrysler Plans to Move Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks To Michigan With Investments Of $1 Billion

A new plan to shift their heavy-duty pickup trucks from Mexico to a large plant in Michigan is taken by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles involving a heavy investment of $ 1 billion. It is believed that this decision would result in generating more than 2500 job opportunities for the US people residing in the nearby location. This would also lead to providing bonuses to all their permanent list of employees who are working on both hourly and salary basis with the employees and invested more than 60,000 hours. The current Chief executive, Sergio Marchionne stated that these strategic decisions were to showcase their gratification for their employees who have dedicated their hard work and lives for the development of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and encourages investments in the manufacturing sector in the US. This decision is also a result of the tax bills passed by the Donald Trump government during last two months.

The Chief Executive also stated that the impact of the bill would result in addition to the savings of the employees of the organization and their further investments. The automobile giant was earlier already known for their investments in setting up their manufacturing units in different parts of the US and after the new bills passed by the Trump government; they would openly acknowledge the positive impact and improvement in the US business environment visible from their investments in the manufacturing and industrial sector. This bonuses announced by the company would be payable to the employees in the second quarter in addition to the performance bonus or any additional bonuses announced by them. The company plans to modernize their plant with their $1 billion investments located in Warren, Michigan when the North American International Auto Show would be inaugurated and open for all the media people to be visited and other local visitors on Sunday.

The new addition to their heavy pick-up truck list is the development of the Ram 1500 which is a light pickup truck and would be disclosed to media and other visitors on Monday. There were many strategic and structural changes conducted in their Michigan plant in order to improve their products so that they could meet the increasing demand for trucks and jeeps across all the states in the US. According to the reports, every 7 vehicles out of 10 vehicles sold in the US market were in the category of light trucks which include different range and models of trucks like pick-up vans, minivans and delivery vans to name a few.