Apple’s HomePod is the smartest speaker useful during the parties and functions. These are voice-activated devices with the keyword ‘Hey Siri’. These devices are capturing the market significantly. The devices got some great reviews.

Additionally, these devices are a quite decent for home and car assistance use. It’s really appreciable in all sense. It has the clear speaker, improved search features such as weather and traffic predictions.

However, the user cannot tweak the sound. The company is working to improve it by using advanced technologies. The audio guts used in the HomePod are made up of different tweeters each is dedicated to an amplifier.

The tweeters assist to offers extremely clear sound. It also improves the piano track and vocal cuts during mixing two individual soundtracks.

However, some consumer said the voice of speaker is too narrow and it is less compatible with other devices. The device is lacking while streaming and supporting services such a Spotify and Pandora. It takes a while to get used to with the device. Additionally, the user needs the Apple Music account to play the music on HomePod.

If the user wants the assistant to use their intelligence to answer questions and play games with user, Siri is of no use for them. The device is lacking to answer the questions with their smartness. For this purpose, Alexa and Google is the better combination that will work really well.

However, the Apple Fan, who has a subscription plan with Apple Music can buy and enjoy music on the device. It not like the device is not compatible with any of the other devices, but it has good compatibility with Apple devices. Consumers who owned all the products of Apple such as MacBook and iPhone, it is surely ideal for them. Currently, the device is available at a decent price of US$ 350.