Recently the Facebook has completed the test of splitting its news feed into two section. One was on photos and other updates from family and friends. The second section is based on the explore option where the user can check the posts that user has liked before.

This idea was roiled how people read the news in six countries where it is realized the concern about the power of Facebook feed.

The powerful social media network has decided to end the testing and maintains new feed under one feed as many users said that they did not like the update in the survey said the Adam Mosseri. He was employed as head of news feed at Facebook. He added that the users were unsatisfied with posts and the recent update didn’t help users to connect easily with family and friends.

The test was based on the users in the place such as Bolivia, Guatemala, Serbia, Cambodia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka where Facebook is effective social media site. The update affected traffic on media outlets.

A critic wrote on Twitter that Facebook would have the interest to know more about the rest of countries. He said the media websites are stronger and not to rely on Facebook, he said he is expecting something new and innovative to rely on.

Cambodia based Facebook user will receive information after the media will be forced to shut down. Also, it will improve the traffic of Facebook by 30 to 40 percent that was declined due to news feed test. The Hun Sen – ruler of Cambodia, has shut down the social media outlets forcefully and jailed the government critics.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the changes were made to prioritize and sensationalism the news feed with friends and family. The Facebook is world’s largest social media site until the day. However, the site is facing a huge pressure as the other competitors emerge powerfully.